LockPhix offers three tools for protecting the privacy of your personal data
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LockPhix is software that offers three great tools for protecting the privacy of your personal data.
The first tool is Screen Lock. It blocks your screen and shows some message. You can unlock it in several ways: typing a password, pressing certain keys or using a USB-stick. The second tool offered by LockPhix is file encryption tool. You define files and directories you want to encrypt and decrypt them using a special password. Encrypted files are saved in LPX extension in a specified folder. Finally, the third tool represents a secured database that can be used for storing your passwords. By the way, you can export and import such secured databases on different machines.

All the above-listed actions can be performed using the program modern-looking interface or its tray icon with a pop-up menu. To know the main application functions better you can use the included tutorial. To be sure that you always have the latest version of LockPhix you can check for updates right from the program interface.

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